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B Possible outcomes of reactions

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    I have two question if you please answer them. Thanks in advance.

    1) In beta- decay, Electrons can have zero kinetic energy. Do they mean that they initially had kinetic energy to overcome the coulomb attraction which manifests itself in the "Free" electron mass? So it can literally have any energy from zero up to the maximum energy and also there is no reason for why a neutrino can't have all the energy ( excluding recoil energy). It is all probabilities.

    Example 198Hg79 ---)198Hg80 ----) 198Hg80
    ^ Gamma emission.
    Do you have to have gamma emission in certain reactions? or in every reaction, there is a probability that it can happen in one step through beta decay?
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    Electrons can get even lower energies - then they have to be in some orbital. This is called bound-state beta decay.
    I don't understand that part of the question.

    Gamma emission is possible, it does not have to happen.
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