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Possible PF Improvement (iPhone)

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    First, I'd like to thank the PF management for your delivery of a superior scientific discussion forum. But I've got a request that might be logistically impossible for you, or simply too difficult to even bother trying.

    I typically access PF via my iPhone, and there often seems to be issues with translating many mathematical expressions to this format, resulting in my seeing only symbolic gibberish that means nothing to me. This effectively reduces my understanding of it from little to none.

    Is this an iOS compatibility issue on your side that might be addressed at some point, or can I fix this on my side by downloading some type of a mathematical font app?

    Thank you again.
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    What version of iphone iOS and are you using Safari web browser or the PF app?

    My iPhone 6+ with iOS9.2? works when I use Safari to access PF.
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    I'm using iOS 9.2 on a 6+ as well, but I prefer the PF app because it seems like a better reading interface than the Safari view.
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    The PF app has issues with displaying formula as you've noted.

    You can read more about it here.


    Basically Greg said that PF renders using html/css and mathjax but that the Tapatalk PF branded app doesn't support that style of rendering and consequently you can't view LaTex generated formulas.

    Other sites generate displayable images of the formulas on the site server and so appear to support Latex when in fact they don't.
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    It is a regrettable problem and I hope it will be fixed in the future.
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