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Possible simple reason for nuclear confinement and asymptotic freedom

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    Dear all
    It is known that the ratio of the magnetic attraction to the static repulsion of two moving (similar) charges is in the ratio of (v/c)^2. A learned friend of mine tells me that this is relativistically correct also.
    When v is nearly c, the two forces are equal and we have an asymptotic freedom situation and the nucleus can pack many pairs of such particles. When v is smaller, you have repulsive forces dominating and the lot explode. However by having opposite charges, then when v is smaller you get attraction..ie confinement.
    My question: is this simple interpretation true, and why it has not been considered in existing theories.
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    Could you provide a reference to this? I would appreciate it!
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    See for example
    PHYSNET, 'THE MAGNETIC FIELD OF A MOVING CHARG', EQ (4)- gives a clear derivation.
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