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Poster presentation general questions

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    In my physics class we have been set to do a poster presentation on anything to do with the earth or atmosphere that has a physics basis.

    Before on presentations It's been on a subject I've researched myself so was able to do the Introduction, method, results, discussion.

    Because its a random research subject with 48hours to complete this is not possible, and I've decided to try and do the Aurora Borealis.

    My question thus is this:

    Without being able to do all the research myself when asked to do a poster presentation, how is it best to display the information and results? Do i take a semi historical view point displaying old superstitions leading into research done and the findings and how its taken from the wonder, or does it need to be more scientific.

    Any advice on how to go about would be wonderful and come with many thanks.
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    My grade 7 or 8 public speaking presentation was on the aurora, and in that situation your historical perspective would be great. I wish that I'd thought of it.
    For a physics class, though, you'd best stick to pure science. It might not hurt to do a small-scale comparison between reality and aboriginal (or Norse, or whatever) myths, but don't let it get in the way of the facts. There are a lot of teachers in PF who will be glad to tell you what they would expect from a student under your circumstances.
    As for the aurora itself, the science is simple on the surface, but you can delve as deeply as you want right down to the quantum mechanical level. While I have never advised anyone to use the Net rather than the library, this might be a job for Google. The information is readily available.
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    thanks for the reply, ive tryed checking in the libary, but eather we have nothing on the aurora or its just been miss referanced and placed in some area, so while i am useing google far to much im sticking to places that are gov or edu, and pref with full referencing.

    yes. any comments from people whom could say what they would be looking for if they set the topic would be most helpfull.
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