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Bug Posts with a Post Count of zero under their avatar

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    General discussion posts don't count.
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    Oops, think I've seen that mentioned too. Sorry
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    Actually, unless things have changed, any post in one of the forums in the PF Lounge does not enter the post count.

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    Note that Tom.G's original example no longer works because the thread was moved to Relativity, and the posts now count. o0)
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    Actually I posted it in the General Discussion forum at first looking for sources vide post 1 by me. But the course of discussion made the thread best fit to be in a scientific forum. So I requested it to be moved vide last post by me. All replies were made when the post was in the General Forum.
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    These members might also have had their accounts removed. It preserves the post data, but most of the account data is gone.
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