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Post count weirdness - any explanation please ?

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    was about to answer a post in this thread

    The OP's post count shows 9, but when you click on that 9 and open the page to his posts
    you see he has really 36 posts.
    So, out of curiosity, why is his shown post count on his avatar so very different from his actual post count ?

    of that 36 posts 31 are in general forums, 3 in introductions and 5 in academic guidance

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    Some forums aren't counted
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    I know that general discussion and subsections) isn't
    don't know about introductions and academic guidance ?

    all the other ones are standard forum subsections ... Cosmology, Astronomy and Astrophysics, General Physics, Quantum Physics
    surely they are all countable or at least should be ? The majority of his posts have been in cosmology

    just an inquiring mind :wink:

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    Intro doesn't count but AG does
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    There also is (or was) a bug such that posts made through the mobile app weren't counted. Don't know if that's still around confusing things.
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    Astronomy, Cosmology and General Physics and Quantum Mechanics should count, so the post count should be at least 31. 36 with AG.
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