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B Practical applications of quantum mechanics

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    What are some of the practical applications of quantum mechanics that are being utilized to optimize our existence as a species?
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    All solid-state devices, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, computers - just about anything electronic in modern times requires QM to work. Our modern world would not exist without it.

    Solid state devices work by an interaction of electrons and so called holes. Holes at the intuitive level can be thought of as the absence of electrons, and you will find many textbooks explaining how such work using that idea. It's wrong - that holes exist and act like particles (called quasi particles) requires QM.

    You will find many things in popularization's and beginner textbooks, especially in things related to QM are wrong, and becomes much much worse when you move onto so called Quantum Field theory. Its so bad in QFT we have professors on this site that teach this stuff that people don't believe when they are told its wrong - it really is that bad. They believe the popularization's - its quite maddening really so its wise to be aware of it early on.

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