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B Preferred Basis solution in MWI

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    For the difficulty of getting a preferred basis in the unitary only MWI. I saw this message by Fredrik:

    "If we just let it go, it seems very natural to me to (if we insist on trying to interpret QM as a description of the universe) postulate something like "every 1-dimensional subspace of the Hilbert space of the universe represents a world". This eliminates the preferred basis problem."


    What is your objection to Fredrik solution that "every 1-dimensional subspace of the Hilbert space of the universe represents a world"?
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    My objection is that we never observe such 1-dimensional worlds. If the point is to explain our observations, then such an interpretation doesn't help.
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    Does 1-dimensional world mean a basis orthogonal to each other? can you please use other words for it that I can look up?

    He who calls himself Fredrik (science adviser) was last seen in Dec 24, 2016. Is he still in our branch/world? Hope he is ok.
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