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Testing Preparing for Physics Preliminary Exams & Retaking PGRE

  1. Jan 14, 2017 #1

    So here is the situation. I scored really really low on my Physics GRE. Honestly, I didn't prepare for it as much as I should have. I feel that I have legitimate reasons (one being that around that time, I was being stalked and kept going to security at my school but they said they really couldn't do anything, then this female organization heard about it and kept putting me in counseling. That same person got my phone number from the physics tutoring schedule, and so many strangers were calling me. Even a janitor got fired for trying to get me to meet up with him after finding my number. My family still doesn't know this was going on and they were the other source of my stress). There were so many more things going on, but that's in the past. Plus, I've learned to do better under pressure. I still know that there are people who go through way more than I have that have scored much better than me so I know that it had to have been more than stress holding me back - I need to review physics.

    That being said, I'm worried that this will be an indicator of how I will do on the preliminary exams for any school I get accepted into. I've started looking at their sample tests, reviewing certain physics courses, and I've been thinking about retaking the physics GRE. Or is that just a waste of money? I know that it will be too late for graduate schools to see them, but I just feel I have the need to prove to myself that I can do it. I just don't know any materials for the physics GRE other than their sample tests online. I would like a hard copy of something. Do you all have any suggestions. Also, do you have any book suggestions for Quantum Mechanics (my teacher used Shankar but I feel it's not the right fit for me). Lastly, should I just stick to reviewing the test instead of reviewing each course separately (or vise versa)?

    ps: Sorry if i got too personal. This was really a venting session for me :/
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    Is retaking the physics GRE a waste of money when it won't do a single thing for you? Yes.

    However, as long as the pGRE is your only problem (good grades, exceptional research experience, etc.) then you will likely be okay - if nothing else, some graduate programs don't require the pGRE.
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    Yeah I have good grades, one paper, great research experience and awesome letters of recommendation (thanks to research experience :D).... I guess I was just trying to prove something to myself...
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    A lot of schools have gotten rid of written qualifying exams.
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