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Probability of matching n words with n pictures correctly

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    Suppose there are n pictures and n words. Each word matches with exactly one out of the n pictures. What is the probability function of having exactly y words match up correctly?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Depends on how the words and pics getting sorted?
    Write the words on cards, stack, shuffle, and deal them out between the pics?
    The first card has a 1/n chance of being next to the right picture - but, if it is wrong, then another card is guaranteed to be next to a wrong picture. That will be your problem.

    Anyway - this sort of thing is commonly described as seating dinner guests against their place-cards.
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    Do you know the solution? I can write one, but mine gets more complicated as n increases.]

    Edit: Can you use the hypergeometric distribution to get the answer?
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