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Problem Solving vs. New Material

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    I'm going to be starting my freshman year in college this september, and I've been spending my summer working on math. So far I've been working on baby Rudin (on chapter 5, plan to stop after chapter 7). I'm wonder whether people (*cough* mathwonk *cough* :-) ) thinks that it is important to spend time focusing on problem solving rather than learning new material. I currently own copies of Spivak's Calculus on Manifolds and Engel's problem solving strategies, and I'm trying to pick what to study next.
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    I think it's better to spend more time on learning than practising those topics you've learnt because chances are, you are going to have lots of time consolidating your knowledge in university and so why not spend time exploring? at least you have an idea of what's ahead. Of course, that's just what works for me. If you think you wouldn't really understand what you've learnt without some thorough practising, I would practise if I were you. But, well, it's always more fun learning than practising.
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    I've done only a small handful of problems from Engel so far. It's fun and definitely worth spending a bit of time with.
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