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  1. person123

    I Maximum Strain For Samples of Different Cross-Sectional Areas

    I would assume that because the samples are made of the same material they would fail at the same stress and so the same strain. However, the data shows that the sample with a greater cross-sectional area fails at a greater strain, and the two are roughly proportional. Does anyone know what...
  2. alforwood

    B Questions about Hyperloop

    Hi, I am an ordinary student who needs data for the Hyperloop essay. I want to investigate about hyperloop's material (although the current hyperloop is more theoretical). I did some research about using vibranium as the main material (can not assure whether that is for a joke or not). So, what...
  3. MUZE

    Could a blimp shrink into a plane?

    I can imagine a frame within a blimp/hybrid airship so when the hydrogen inside the blimp is recaptured the skin retracts to form a wing. As the blimp travels faster it shrinks, the buoyancy giving way to the lift from its wing shape to a point in which it is no longer a blimp, but a plane. What...
  4. A

    Granular Conveyor -- Granular Material acts as a liquid?

    My final year experiment involves vibrating a granular conveyor with the same amplitude at at different frequencies. (See picture for experiment set-up). Between 5-115 Hz, the glass beads bounce erratically. As soon as the frequency hits 120Hz or higher, the beads remain on the surface, and can...
  5. Behrouz

    Magnetic globe

    I'm trying to make a magnetic globe (magnetic from outside) with diameter of about 30 cm. Please imagine it as a snow globe, while it is magnetic as well :). I'm wondering about the options to make it, as light as possible. Please feel free to suggest tags here, if I'm missing anything or I...
  6. laurieke

    Wavelength of light in a dielectric material

    Homework Statement In a physics lab, light with a wavelength λ0 travels in vacuum from a laser to a photocell in a time t1. When a slab of glass with a thickness d is placed in the light beam, with the beam incident along the normal to the parallel faces of the slab, it takes the light a time...
  7. M

    Programs Switch majors from ME to material science?

    Hey, I’m kinda of in a crisis in my head here. I’m in the US to pursue my masters in mechanical engineering. After the introductory material science course, I believe I’ve got a greater interest towards materials than mechanical engineering. Would transferring to Material Science be a good...
  8. prashantakerkar

    Aquarium fish tank: Glass material alternatives

    Can there be alternative materials for Aquarium fish tank instead of glass? Example : Stainless steel, Aluminium Plastic, Concrete etc If yes, which materials can be evaluated?
  9. P

    Heterogeneities of the material properties

    Dear All, I don't have well background on material science. I would like to measure heterogeneity of a species (shrimp). How can I do it easily? Sincerely
  10. P

    Misc. Strong light material to be lifted by a drone?

    Hi, I am currently constructing a personal project, and I was wondering if anybody knew any thin material that was relatively light weight, cheap, and as strong as wood. I understand that carbon fiber exists, but this material is rather expensive. If anyone knows alternatives to using wood or...
  11. Suyash Singh

    Studying Help with concepts

    What is the best site to learn physics concepts with lots of examples? some site which doesnt show up on google. Like i give example of which has all topics of c++ programs. Is there some physics site like that? Like i am always confused with pulley,strings, tension problems.
  12. mkematt96

    Linear Abrasion Testing PVC/Polymer Blend Hoses

    Working on a research project to develop a test standard for abrasion testing pressure washer hoses. Ideally this could be used on any sort of hose. We have a set procedure that has worked on a couple hoses that looks like this: .Weight applied is constant .Cycle speed is constant .Constant...
  13. D

    High Temperature, Non-conductive Material

    Does anyone know of any material thats not as brittle as ceramic that can withstand high temperatures and is non-conductive? I'm talking abou a max temp of 800degC of heat radiating from a hot steel coil. Components will be inside of the coil for a short period of time but trying to prepare...
  14. Y

    Automotive What limits the max power rating of a V-Belt drive?

    We know that belt drives are limited in their max possible power rating and most high power/torque applications(trucks) use gear drives. I wanted to know the main factor that limits the power/torque rating of belts. Is it Frictional slip or Belt material? If the frictional slip could be...
  15. C

    Tensile Strength of reduced graphene oxide?

    Does anyone know the tensile strength and other mechanical properties of reduced graphene oxide? I know that it has some similarities to both graphene and graphene oxide, but I can't find any data on its tensile strength.
  16. M

    What is a good material for staging furniture

    It must be light strong and inexpensive. This would be used to make staging furniture. So it is moved often.
  17. J

    How to specify carbon fibre material properties in ANSYS ACP

    Hey there, my honours year thesis is on the design and analysis of a carbon fibre wheel for a Formula Student racecar. However, I am unable to obtain carbon fibre material properties to input into the Engineering Data section. I am required to specify the Youngs Modulus in the x, y and z...
  18. T

    Metal: no attraction to magnet and block magnetic fields?

    Hi, Can anyone help me in finding out a Diamagnetic or Paramagnetism or Ferromagnetism or any other metal which has following capabilities: 1- Should not be attractive towards magnet. 2- Should not allow magnetic fields to pass through inside. Thanks! THG
  19. G

    Electronically Change Material Refractive Index

    Hi, How do I electronically change material refractive index? Is Kerr effect the right way? Is there any good material that have Kerr effect, that can be used in modern gadgets? Is there any gadget/device that use this kind of material? Thanks:) Regards, Grheee
  20. E

    B Radiation protecting plastic

    Some days ago, i read, that there is a plastic, that should be capable of protecting from interstellar radiation. I would be interested in further information about this plastic. Someone here who has some material, i could take a look at?
  21. Metals

    I Difference between Young's Modulus and spring constant?

    I have read that Young's Modulus, like spring constant, is a measure of stiffness (how hard it is to deform a material). Though apparently, Young's Modulus is a way of doing so that applies only to the material and not its shape, where a spring constant value depends on the dimensions of the...
  22. G

    I Fracture and material strength

    Let's assume I have a large block of crystalline diamond, with reported compressive strength of 110 GPa. If the cross-sectional area of the block is 1 m2, then obviously if I apply a force of 110x10^9 N the material will begin to fracture. But what if the pressure of 110 GPa is applied locally...
  23. campeola46

    Finding n and p of semiconductor given temp, NA, ND, and Ni

    I'm doing independent study on semiconductors to prepare for a future class and I'm having problems with some problems that concern finding the n and p of doped Silicon given only a temperature, NA, ND, and Ni. I understand that n*p=Ni^2, but, given that this means that n does not equal ND (and...
  24. B

    A Standardized vs published atom coordinates in SpringerMateri

    This might be a specialized question and hopefully people working in this area know it. I need to get atomic coordinates for a specific crystal in SpringerMaterial. It however gives two different coordinates, standardized and published coordinates. I looked through the website can cannot find a...
  25. B

    Stiffness and Young Modulus

    What is the difference between stiffness and Young Modulus and how can you calculate the stiffness?
  26. O

    Please help, looking for certain material

    Hello all and thanks from advance, 1.I'm looking for a certain kind of material for a project of mine that can quickly absorb heat and in the same time quickly realesing (I guess that's the right term) heat. Of course it's all based on diffrent parameters, but I'm sure there is a better...
  27. H

    IP 65 rated enclosure with heat dissipation

    Hi there! Is there any ip65 rated enclosure material with electronic components inside but with no holes/cutouts that can act as a heat sink without overheating while the product is operating? Enclosure will need to be wall-mounted outdoors, it could be made out of die-cast aluminium which...
  28. N

    A Material for superheated water

    Hello, I would like to do some experiment with superheated water on several hight temperature deegres (300, 450, 600, 750, 850, 900 °C). There is a problem and I need help. What kind of material could hold pressure of superheated water for a longer period of time (one week)? Please notice that...
  29. Spacexplorer

    Material Selection for What?

    Firstly, it is a basic problem. I need to decide on a part of machine or anything for material selection presentation using CES Material Selector. I need a simple shape and simple property material because I can't calculate complicate dynamic loading so I need some limitations for instance...
  30. Shadow-Shocker

    Any natural, non-flammable, alternative to acrylic cement?

    I am doing a project that relates to welding acrylic. I got the bottle today, and I can't use it because its flammable and has chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer (makes you wonder why the hell they would market this crap). Are there any clean, non-flammable, and...