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Problem with Ricci tensor formula I cannot prove

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    Probably funny.

    But I don't get it.
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    Sorry, I've been trying to delete this topic cuz right now the computer I'm using has some problems with posting mathemetical formula. So, if there's anyone who can delete this topic plz do it. Really sorry.
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    It's only "partially" funny.
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    ([tex]\nabla^{m}[/tex][tex]\nabla_{m}[/tex][tex]\nabla_{v}[/tex] - [tex]\nabla_{v}[/tex][tex]\nabla_{m}[/tex][tex]\nabla^{m}[/tex])F = [tex]R_{mv}[/tex][tex]\nabla^{m}[/tex]F

    OK, this is the correct one. ^^'
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