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Problems/solutions manual/pdf/website waves and vibrations

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    Hi, my teacher is pretty bad at teaching, my book offers problems with no solutions and poor examples, and there is no solutions for the problems on the internets. Does anyone know a manual/pdf/website where I can find problems and solutions for waves and oscillations? I have read the book and everything but it is just too theorical and doesn't say how to solve problems at all.
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    Geronimo -- Look for Feyman's "Lectures on Physics", available on the internet and also search for "Feyman's Lectures on Physics problems with answers" to find http://www.feynmanlectures.info/exercises.html
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    Which book is it? Then people won't embarrass themselves by recommending it to you. :olduhh:
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    • Waves and oscillations by W.F. Smith

    But then I'm exposed to better physicist who understood better than me and know how to solve problems :nb)
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