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Problems with electromagnet force and weak force

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    The electromagnetic force is mediated by photons , which have 0 mass. so electromagnetic forces have infinite range. the weak force is mediated by three intermediate bosons, W+, W-and Z0 particles. these all have mass, the two W particles about 80GeV and the Z is about 90GeV.

    the bit below is what i dont really get....

    "in order to carry out the weak interaction from 1 particle to the next, the appropriate intermediate boson has to be created out of nothing at all." but why? and it says "using energy borrowed from the vacuum."

    what does it mean by " borrow " the energy from the vacuum.

    thanks ..
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    can you tells us where you find those quotes?

    it seems that they steam from some introductory semi-quantum field theory explanation...
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    oh.. i got it from a book ..
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    it is from an article of "grand unified theories(GUTs)"

    further reading: G.D.Coughlan and J.E Dodd, " the idea of particle physic; Yuval Ne'eman and Yoram Kirsch, " the particle hunters "

    thats it ppl... sorry..
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    The mass/energy of the interacting particles isn't enough to create the 80 or 90 GeV boson, so the virtual boson borrows energy from the vacuum.

    The uncertainty principle allows for energy to be 'borrowed' if it is paid-back within a (very) short time.

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    No you are miss using the HUP, firstly hup is a statistical relation for many event is QUantum Mechanics

    secondly, you are progably referring to delta E delta t ~ hbar
    which is NOT am uncertainty principle, there is not energy-time uncertainty relation!
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    Care to elaborate?
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