Weak force Definition and 12 Discussions

In nuclear physics and particle physics, the weak interaction, which is also often called the weak force or weak nuclear force, is the mechanism of interaction between subatomic particles that is responsible for the radioactive decay of atoms. The weak interaction participates in nuclear fission, and the theory describing its behaviour and effects is sometimes called quantum flavourdynamics (QFD). However, the term QFD is rarely used, because the weak force is better understood by electroweak theory (EWT).The effective range of the weak force is limited to subatomic distances, and is less than the diameter of a proton. It is one of the four known force-related fundamental interactions of nature, alongside the strong interaction, electromagnetism, and gravitation.

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  1. AdvaitDhingra

    B Regarding z0 interactions

    If there are no flavor changing z0 weak interactions, how do we even know that the particle exists? I thought that we could only tell which particle was exchanged by the particles it decays into. Is this wrong?
  2. F

    A Relation between chirality and spin

    When learning about chirality I was very surprised to find that for QED and QCD the decay modes that would produce 2 particles with the same chirality had a Matrix Element of 0, which I took to mean that angular momentum was being conserved. Even the W only decay into RH antiparticles and LH...
  3. C

    I Measuring characteristic time of strong and weak interaction

    Consider a scattering between two particles a and b that produces two particles c and d: d is stable, while c decays in two other different particles e and f. The first interaction is by strong force (time of interaction ##t_1\sim 10^{-23}s##, which is also the time of generation of c and d)...
  4. C

    I How good is this PBS video at explaining weak hyper-charge?

    Specifically this one: I've been asking several question's about the weak force to my professors, and both on here and PhysicsSE and it seems impossible to get a consistent answer as to what weak hypercharge, weak isospin actually are with any degree of physical-ity. So I suppose this thread...
  5. K

    Nuclear Weak and strong forces

    Any recommedations for intro into the weak force? Also ones for the strong force?
  6. H

    I Is the strong nuclear force stronger than the weak force?

    I've heard that the weak nuclear force is stronger than the electromagnetic force at distances of 10^-18 m. I've also heard that the strong force becomes repulsive at a distance of 0.7 fm. So if two quarks got to a distance of <<10^-18 m which force would win, the strong force or the weak force?
  7. A

    B Weak nuclear force - circumstances in which it is manifested

    I have a glass of water at room temperature. The electromagnetic force is at play between the electrons and nucleus of the atoms, the strong nuclear force is at play holding the nucleus together, the force of gravity weak as it may be is at play between the various particles - electrons, quarks...
  8. Q

    A Do the weak isospins of the w1 and w2 combine?

    Do the weak isospins of the w1 and w2 bosons combine as their fields combine?
  9. Yohanes Nuwara

    What is the entropy of weak and strong force?

    What is the entropy of weak and strong force? Can we determine their entropy? If so, I would like to know the formula of determining this. Thanks:wink:
  10. AlanKirby

    Why can only the weak interaction change quark flavour?

    Hi there, so my question is as follows. I understand that only the weak interaction can change the flavour of a quark, but why? Idea 1: It's due to the change in flavour also meaning a change in mass, thus a massive exchange particle is needed (gravity is negligible so forget the massive...
  11. V

    Dark matter annihilation into gamma rays

    This question straddles this forum and the "Beyond the Standard Model" one a bit, so if a mentor thinks it belongs better elsewhere, please feel free to move it. I've seen references in the "popular science" press about the possibility of indirectly detecting dark matter by looking for gamma...
  12. A

    What were the clues that the weak and EM force are the same

    Hello, I've been reading a book on particle physics for the general audience, and as you might expect, I was left with a slew of nagging unanswered questions. There was a chapter on gauge symmetry where the author described that the weak and the EM forces are the same force at some energy...