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Procedure to determine total kjeldahl-nitrogen Kj-N for leachate

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    Kindly recommend a procedure to determine total kjeldahl-nitrogen Kj-N for leachate.

    I use the hach method and I want to compare it with another one especially that I'm participating in a universal proficiency test.

    Thanks in advence.
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    Astm D-1426-03
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    thank you my friend.i'll search for it.
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    Can someone tell me where to find the details of this procedure. I couldn't find anything on net, and i cannot buy the ASTM Book.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I am an environmental chemist and have considerable experience with this test.

    ASTM methods are copyrighted and so will NOT be found online.

    But there perfectly good perfectly available EPA methods that work just as well.

    Here is a link that has all the methods you can download:


    Here's the method you're looking for . . .


    Hope this helps.

    Jeff Corkern
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