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Professional titles for the Ordinary Joe (or Jane)

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    Okay, here's the game,

    Invent professional sounding titles for common day jobs.

    Here's a few examples to get it started:

    Financial Distribution Agent - Bank Teller

    Soil Relocation Service Worker - Janitor

    Educational Nutrition Specialist - School Cook

    Bio-waste Conduction System Technician - Sewer Worker

    Personal Transport Provider - Cab Driver

    Information Dissemination Facilitator - Teacher

    Retail Corporation Receptionist - Store Greeter

    Transportation Infrastructure Technician -Road Worker

    Bovine Lactation Harvester - Dairy Farmer

    Follicle Growth Artist - Hair Dresser

    Okay, now come up your own, or new titles for the ones above. :smile:
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    Domestic Engineer- housewife
    Environmental Engineer-Janitor.
    Fire Protection Engineer- Need I say more?

    Reminds me of the Simpson’s, when the kids watched the cows getting slaughtered at the meat factory and Ralph says, "When I grow up I want to go to Bovine University!"
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    Movie critic and food professional - unemployed

    Sewage infrastructure specialist - plumber
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    I take offence to that sir! :biggrin:

    how bout
    transparent wall technician - window washer.

    (I won't take credit, i'm pretty sure i saw that on tv somewhere)
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Bio-mass kinetics specialist - manure shoveler
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    Public Safety Officer - Security Guard

    :frown: That actually is my work title.
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    Self-employed municipal environmental protectionist - Homeless urbanite who picks up recyclables.
  9. Mar 8, 2006 #8
    Chic Connoissieur -- I have an ipod

    Hunger and Health Exchanger -- McDonald's Cash register job

    Yeah, I suck at this. meh.
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    upholstery durability quality control specialist -- couch potato
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