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A professional is a member of a profession or any person who works in a specified professional activity. The term also describes the standards of education and training that prepare members of the profession with the particular knowledge and skills necessary to perform their specific role within that profession. In addition, most professionals are subject to strict codes of conduct, enshrining rigorous ethical and moral obligations. Professional standards of practice and ethics for a particular field are typically agreed upon and maintained through widely recognized professional associations, such as the IEEE. Some definitions of "professional" limit this term to those professions that serve some important aspect of public interest and the general good of society.In some cultures, the term is used as shorthand to describe a particular social stratum of well-educated workers who enjoy considerable work autonomy and who are commonly engaged in creative and intellectually challenging work.

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  1. James Pryor

    Looking for Scientific Accuracy in Science Fiction for Aspiring Writers

    Hello, I'm a retired professional, electrical engineer now writing and publishing science fiction novels, both with good---seems to me---Kirkus Reviews. My stories are based upon my own speculative (fantasy?) physics, and otherwise hope to be realistic. I need help with details from physics...
  2. Delta2

    I Entanglement and FTL signaling in professional scientific literature

    According to professional scientific literature and to our best understanding, are there any suggestions that entanglement might imply some sort of faster than light signaling between the entangled particles? I know that according to relativity nothing can travel faster than light, but what...
  3. L

    Find the Best Zemax Textbook for Professional Optical Engineers

    Summary:: Hi all, does anyone know a good Zemax textbook? I’d like to learn. Hi all, does anyone know a good Zemax textbook? I’d like to learn. I am a professional looking to move into the optical engineering field.
  4. paradisePhysicist

    Homemade solenoids and professional solenoids

    Hi. I tried to make a homemade solenoid and it sucks. The copper has tight little humps in it and it wants to spring out of the compressed coil configuration instead of staying compressed onto the iron. I looked on youtube but I haven't found any good tutorials yet. What is the best way to make...
  5. Wrichik Basu

    Have you faced these odd problems with Windows 10 Professional v1909?

    Windows 10 v1909 is a feature update rather than a security update. Although it was not compulsory to upgrade, I decided to do it - getting something for free, who wants to decline it? I plugged in the laptop and it installed overnight. In the morning, I found that the upgrade was complete...
  6. L

    B Professional debates about Spacetime

    Is it not Spacetime is akin to the Wave function in Quantum Mechanics where it is just a mathematical tool and no way to distinguish between different interpretations? Why is that there are countless professional debates about interpretations of quantum mechanics while there is very few or...
  7. berkeman

    What are these speakers/microphones alongside professional soccer fields?

    I keep seeing these pods along the sidelines of the professional soccer fields on TV (pro footbol pitches), and I'm wondering what they are for. There seem to be more of them at the ends of the field, and especially near the goals. Are they microphones? If so, what are they for? Who hears...
  8. V

    Physics Need advice from a professional

    So I need some advice of someone professional and experienced. I’m 16 just about to sit my GCSEs soon and I’ve got a plan of what I want to do in the future. I reckon for my age I know quite a lot about high end things in Physics to do with quantum physics, special relativity, string theory...
  9. Eric Espinoza

    Self Taught Student Seeks Professional Advice

    Hello everyone, This is my first post and I would like to briefly introduce myself and my situation. I'm 27 years old and a high school drop out, former drug addict, and three time college drop out. I have severe ADHD and insecurities which have made academia too difficult for me to pursue. I...
  10. kyphysics

    Do you Have a Different Professional Phone Voice?

    What I mean is everyone has their "normal" way of speaking to family, friends, and maybe even work colleagues. We're often more laid back and are "ourselves." Then, there are times we're talking to someone over the phone for business purposes, such as signing up for health insurance...
  11. M

    Being a PC/IT Security Professional

    How much time does being a PC security professional require in general or at least? Is it possible to be a PC/IT security professional by only watching training videos? We learn maths via solving examples on paper how can a security professional student his or her topics? Are white-hat hackers...
  12. H

    What is scientfic magazine for professional topics?

    Hello Thank you for reading this If you remember my previous post. It was several years ago. I mentioned that I was obligated to study medicine instead of science in Egypt. I really, had the opportunity to get your friendship and encouragement in more than 100 serious replies. Now, I have a...
  13. D

    Programs Applied Physics vs Professional Physics (emphasis)

    In pursuing a BS in Physics, my university offers an Applied emphasis and a Professional emphasis. However the class selection seems to be the same for both. I get this information from an option in my student account that allows me to theoretically change my major to a degree that I'm not yet...
  14. The Maker

    I want professional feedback on my work -- Building Model Structures

    Hello, I am The Maker. I am here because I want professional feedback on my work. I have been building things with K'NEX and popsicle sticks since I was little and as a future engineer, I wanted real engineers to evaluate my potential. Please be honest, I am trying to improve my engineering...
  15. BobTheFrog

    Programs Professional degree vs. Standard question

    Okay, so the university I am wanting to transfer to has a professional option of a bachelor's degree in physics and math. They are a little more rigorous it seems, but I don't understand why it is a professional degree. Is it some marketing b.s. that the university put forward? Is this like a...
  16. M

    What's it like to be a professional physicist?

    Hi everyone, in a few months (hopefully) I will get a master degree in physics and I have been wondering a lot about making of fundamental research my career (if I manage to, that is). Sometimes I have moments of strong self-doubt since it seems to me that my knowledge is never deep enough and I...
  17. DHF

    Day to day life of a professional astronomer

    Greetings, My wife and I are currently in the process of writing our next book, the main character of which will be an astronomer. So far my research has given me plenty of resources on astronomy itself but very little on the actual astronomer. I would love to get some insight on what the day...
  18. D

    PC Characteristics: Simulation FEM professional purpose

    Dear all, I'm an electric engineer, and I usually work with software as Ansoft Maxwell, Matlab, Ansys, COMSOL... I need a PC for serious professional simulation, and I would like if someone can give me some tips of the characteristics I should ask for this purpose. I don't want to spend more...
  19. James Agostino

    Professional Mechanical Engineer Interview

    Hello, I am a first year Mechanical Engineering student at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, and I'm looking for a professional Mechanical Engineer to respond to these interview questions. I'm conducting interviews for my technical writing course this quarter, and would love to hear...
  20. excelsior

    Favorite Prominent / Professional Astrophotographers

    This is actually a question for a project I'm working on for work and thought this would be a great outlet to ask. What are some of your favorite "pro" photographers that specialize in astrophotography or at least have a lot in their portfolio? They don't have to necessarily even deep dive...
  21. L

    In need of professional advice on starting a new course

    Dear readers, Firstly I would like to say that I'm a new member to the Physics Forum and I hope to meet many people who share my passion for science (because let's face it, science is awesome!). I am a 25 year old male chemistry graduate from Scotland, and recently completed a Bsc in...
  22. D

    Is IT consultant, Java Programmer considered as professional?

    It's a well known fact that those mechanical engineer, civil engineer , EE engineer are regarded as professional. Is IT consultant and computer programmer considered as professional as well?
  23. S

    In need of professional advice

    Alrighty, so I found this app or forum if you will, because I wanted advice on possibly pursuing a career in physics. I'm about to ETS out of the military and one of my biggest worries is "what am I going to do for the rest of my life?". I am fascinated with (space, time, physics, theories...
  24. P

    Engineering Professional Engineer Exam for Experimental Physicist

    Long story short: I have a B. Sc. in EE, and currently doing PhD in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics. I plan to go for industry. I found that it would not be difficult for me to pass the Electrical and Computer PE exam (both the "Computer Engineering" and the "Electrical and...
  25. M

    Do I need professional qualifications in management accountancy ?

    ** Mods, please read the footnote. My ambition is to become a university lecturer of math or chemistry. In the next year, I'm going to read for my undergraduate degree. I'm currently on my vacations. People here who are going to follow engineering or such type of career-oriented degrees...
  26. D

    Questions for a professional Electrical Engineer

    I have a list of questions I'd like to ask an electrical engineer. Not only is this for an assignment, but I truly would like to see why the responding electrical engineer chose this path. If you would please leave your email after responding to all the questions that would be great. You won't...
  27. T

    Average IQ of professional physicists/mathematicians?

    Many scientists have never taken IQ tests so there is a lack of statistical data, but what is a realistic estimate? Do you think 135-140 would be the average?
  28. E

    Question about professional computer programming?

    What are areas of programming that are more theory oriented and deal with more abstract ideas? Is this pretty much all of programming? I'm learning a few languages (competent in some) and curious. Thank you!
  29. A

    How do professional physicists think?

    Do professional physicists think in mathematical equations? Do they think in these mathematical equations first, and then come to a conclusion based on that math? Or do they think intuitively or visually about something first, then come to a conclusion, and only later prove it mathematically...
  30. F

    Medical Physics or Health Physics (professional)

    Hi everybody, am new to this forum. I recently graduated with a Bsc in Nuclear Medicine but with the job market being poor right now I am thinking about getting my masters in either medical or health physics. First is it a worth it to get your masters in either field? Second which one will be a...
  31. G

    Is There a Predictable Pattern in Prime Exponent Series Gaps?

    Professional Help Needed--Elementary Number Theory I will preface this by saying that I have no formal training in Mathematics. I've taken Calc 1 and a couple of Symbolic Logic classes. Forgive me if I butchered any terminology. However, this has been bugging me for a while, and I would like...
  32. D

    Exploring the World of Hackers: From Hobbyists to Professionals

    Why calling hardware and software hobbyists hackers? What makes someone a hacker? How professional is a hacker? What's a professional then? Is calling someone a hacker instead of a professional a bad thing? lower level? Who invented this word anyway?
  33. K

    Invention in need of professional help.

    I have an idea for an invention and I am trying to work out the circuitry. I need some type of rotary switch or another devise that will be user adjustable and assigned to a given weight, then when that weight is achieved on a scale it turns on a basic LED light. I know its a really loaded...
  34. 1

    Engineering Which Engineering Professional Society to join?

    Which Engineering Professional Society to join?? Hi, I've been in UK industry as a cad designer/production engineer for about a year now and feel its probably more than about time i joined a professional body. i have a HND (bombed out of my degree in final year, probably due to being offered...
  35. G

    Do professional mathematicians remember all the proofs they come across?

    Hello, I am a college freshman currently taking Real Analysis. Calculus was fairly mechanical, and dare I say it trivial, the concepts were easy to grasp and it required little memorisation. As I have began to study more abstract areas of mathematics, I have found my speed and confidence have...
  36. V

    Any Professional can write equations for IRF510 MOSFET for Id=30mA;Vo=5;Vdd=9?

    guys i had spend more times on how to determine the drain current exactly using the prefer equations , but I failed i think the problem comes from extracting the correct Kp (constant of mosfet) any one can put here in details how to calculating + writing the procedures&equations step by step...
  37. V

    Newbie to the Forum with Professional Physics Simulation Background

    I have to admit I'm a newbie to this forum. My background is computer graphics and physics simulation. I'm not a student but have 20 years of professional experience and an academic background (phd). Here some realtime inteactive physics simulations that may be interesting to you. Could...
  38. C

    Professional Interview Project

    This is basically what I have to do, Conduct an interview with a professional in the field of engineering, engineering technology, or another high-tech, high demand field. Here are the questions. Professional Background a. Interviewee Name: b. Interviewee's Specific Degree: c...
  39. N

    Writing Professional Lab Reports

    I have a lab report due a week from now. I want to go above and beyond of what is required of my class and to make it as professional as possible. This is to help me prepare for my future lab reports. I will be using word processor for equations and tables to the best of my ability. Would it...
  40. A

    Can a pure mathematician be a professional theoretical physicist?

    the title says everything. I'm studying pure-mathematics as a freshman but I also like to understand subjects like GR and QM. I have a good understanding of Newtonian mechanics and the classic theory of electrodynamics but I have found quantum mechanics and general relativity so confusing and...
  41. A

    Is Joining a Student Chapter of a Professional Organization Worth It?

    I'm curious about my school's local chapter of the AIAA. However, I'm not sure whether it's worth the time commitment to join. What is PF's opinion on the value of organizations such as these?
  42. B

    Would like professional advice on a sci fi story.

    So I have been working on a sci fi script, and I wanted to run a few ideas past you guys to see if they hold up. I have never taken a physics class and most of what I have learned is from internet articles and Michio Kaku. So I certainly don’t claim to be an expert. ☺ I have taken all the...
  43. E

    Engineering Master's in Professional Engineering: The Newest Route for Bachelor's in Physics

    is having a master degree in professional engineer the newest way in becoming an engineer with a bahcelor degree in physics and which major is better these days in your own opinion and thanks
  44. E

    Engineering Understanding the Role of a Professional Engineer: Explained in Detail

    what is a professional engineer?? with deatils please and thank you
  45. A

    A man died and a professional detective an apprentice to inspect.

    A man died and a professional detective an apprentice to inspect. He gave the report of his inspection as follows: The man - Greg Richards- weighing 62 kg, height 6 feet 3 inches lying dead on a chair near a window. Man was a news reporter.Bullet hole found on window pane. 0.3mm bullet used...
  46. C

    Professional Licensure - Worth it? (USA)

    Preface: This is aimed mainly at professional chemical engineers in the United States. I'm about to finish my ChEn program and I was told it is a good time to take the FE exam to begin the professional licensure process. I understand the benefits of professional licensure in a broad sense...
  47. H

    Solving equations numerically in Mathcad 2001i Professional

    Homework Statement Hey there.. I would like to make a path for a spacecraft from Earth to moon, and back again. I found this pdf that explains how, but i can't figure it out.Homework Equations http://courses.ncssm.edu/math/NCSSM%...r%203/Moon.pdf "Part II: The slingshot around the Moon...
  48. S

    Proteus Professional, messing with my mind.

    Hi Guys, fresh meat here. I have a simple LED series circuit I'm currently playing with. 700ma forward voltage leds at 3.3v (blue) and 2.2v (red). Its working fine, I have it rigged to a 19.5V power supply and a 2.7 Ohm, 25 W resistor. I need 15.4 out of the 19.5, meaning I have to...
  49. S

    Civil vs Mechanical Engineering: Seeking Professional Advice

    Hi! I'm currently a 2nd Year Civil engineering student, and I wrote this topic for I am seeking a professional advice, actually I have doubts whether should I stay in my current course or to shift in mechanical engineering, and lately I find my course a bit boring and uninteresting (is...
  50. S

    Amateur mathematicians versus professional mathematicians

    Is it better for some one interested in mathematics to be an amateur mathematician and pursue a degree that can help him earning more money like medicine . Mathematicians do not earn much money . right ? Fermat for example was a lawyer and an amateur mathematician , yet he contributed a lot to...