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Program Switch Comp Eng - Comp Sci

  1. Feb 23, 2012 #1
    I am currently in my Second year of Computer Engineering, but I often find myself not enjoying the electrical engineering courses that we have to take (Electromagnetics, Microelectronics, Circuits and Systems) but I immensely enjoy the programming courses and the Computer Engineering courses that we take such as Microprocessor Systems and Logic Design

    I am looking at possibly switching program streams from Computer Engineering into Computer Science, and any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance
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    I know someone who is in a similar situation, but it was too late for him to switch.
    He wholeheartedly hated the EE courses.
    I don't think its too late for you to perform the switch, plus, you should be able to get some credit from your previous computer engineering courses transferred the CS degree.
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