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Medical Progress on an Alzheimer's vaccine?

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    These vaccines don't address the cause of Alzheimers, they just treat symptoms that manifest during and after plaque formation begins. The paper is obviously prepping products for the market.

    But looky here, we don't know as much about the brain as we are led to believe, very recently meningeal lymphatic vessels were discovered (in rats) and its roles are thought to be fundamental in the nervous system, which makes a possible major contributor to Alzheimers and other diseases. It's still in the preliminary stages, but I wager that there are many hands out their with hands just itching to dissect human brains to confirm the discoveries. I think the confirmation will be more tedious though, from what I gather, the staining/imaging techniques will have to be specifically tailored to confirm the discovery in humans. I cannot believe this has been missed for so long though, it's mind-blowing really.
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    There have been lots of studies starting in the 2000's this links to a number of grants awarded for trails of vaccines against Tau and beta-amyloid, these proteins and associated inflammation appear to be the target of drug research as well with a monoclonal antibody (Solanezumab) already in trails. So far the vaccines have been associated with dangerous side effects and it appears to be difficult to get around these.


    The website of http://www.alz.org/index.asp has lots of information.
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