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Properties of polyhalogen compounds in Solution

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    I'm having trouble finding information on polyhalogen compounds ie CsICl2 when they are dissolved in solution.

    I've made dichloroiodide and I'm trying to figure out why/what happened when added to HCl/NaOH/and with KI added to both acidic and basic conditions, but I dont know how to interpret the results. I know that I is in a +1 oxidation state does that mean it behaves in 1M[H+] similar to how HIO would?

    Everything I've found online deals with solid state, ideally Id like to know about CsICl2, but I'll take any info on explaining general trends for polyhalogen compounds in solution

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    If you hydrolyse CsICl2, I believe you will get HIO and HCl, and ofcourse CsOH. Now get those acids and base react together again, you may get CsIO and CsCl.
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