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B Protective clothes against radiation

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    Hello, please, what would be the protecting clothes for raidation and how efective it really is?
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    What have you researched/learned so far? Do you have specific questions about what is currently being used?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What have you found so far in your reading?
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    Non permeable clothing including gloves, boots hood and face mask could protect you from alpha and some beta radiation but not gamma , x- ray.or neutrons. However it does prevent radioactive material from skin contact and with a respirator with a HEPA filter could protect you from inhaling radioactive dust. You would need a self contained breathing apparatus to prevent the inhalation of gaseous radioisotopes.
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    Although I don't consider them cloths there are lead aprons available that protect your chest and abdomen as well as I suppose lead coats that afford total 360 degree protection of the torso from the shoulders to mid thigh could qualify as cloths. These are made of lead impregnated rubber so they are flexible but still heavy. The are equivalent to from 0.5mm of lead to 1.5 mm of lead. They will protect you from scattered radiation from typical x-ray machines of 150 Kilovolts or less but not good for direct beam exposure. They are not good for most gamma radiation that would be associated with nuclear reactions nor are they good for neutrons.
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