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So this is possibly a very stupid question but I couldn't find information anywhere online(at least relevant).

How do all the physicists, in particular theoretical physicists like Brian Greene and Sean Carroll do so much outreach work? They both have very prestigious positions on top colleges and also write books AND also appear on many science public presentations(even shows). Is there somewhere you start to do this?


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Is there somewhere you start to do this?
By definition, 'outreach' is not a personally based activity. It reaches out from an institution, club or industry and will follow an already established career (for credibility). It's a bit like publishing and, to get a foot on the ladder, you need a track record. (i.e. you don't just start reaching out, spontaneously)
You would probably be in Education, for a start or be associated with a University type institution. All such institutions have an outreach interest so you would instantly get support. For many academics, teaching and outreach are a pain and get in the way of their vital work so anyone whose interested in outreach will often find they are much appreciated by the organisation.

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