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Homework Help: Pulley on inclined plane problem

  1. Jun 28, 2013 #1
    Q:Two blocks are tied together on an incline The first box is on a 30 degree incline with he horizontal and is 1 KG, the wire from it runs over a pulley that goes to a mass of 2KG . If both the pulley and the incline are frictionless:
    a) What is the acceleration of the 1.0 kg block up the incline?
    b) What is the tension in the string joining the two blocks.

    I first found the FG of the 1KG block and from that used sohcahtoa to get my normal force and my fapp (-9.8sin30) negative because it is 'wanting' to go down the incline away from the 2kg mass. For a) I used Ʃf=ma, 19.6-(9.8sin30)=3a acceleration is 4.9m/s^2
    for b) I used Ʃf=ma and had T-19.6=2(4.9) and got tension=29N
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    gravity wants to pull it down, but the tension wants to pull it up. Tension wins.
    yes, what direction?
    No. In what direction is the acceleration of the 2 kg block?
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