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Quantum accelerometer using Unruh effect (Jorma Louko)

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    I thought this was interesting. My guess is that it will be published in Physical Review Letters.
    We know of Jorma Louko from other work.
    Quantum accelerometer: distinguishing inertial Bob from his accelerated twin Rob by a local measurement
    Andrzej Dragan, Ivette Fuentes, Jorma Louko
    3 pages, 4 figures
    (Submitted on 28 Jul 2010)
    "Single quantum system, such as Unruh-DeWitt detector, can be used to determine absolute acceleration by local measurements on a quantum field. To show this, we consider two kinematically indistinguishable scenarios: an inertial observer, Bob, measuring the field of an uniformly accelerated cavity, and his non-inertial twin Rob accelerating and making measurements in a stationary cavity. We find that these scenarios can be distinguished in the non-relativistic regime only by measurements on highly excited massive fields, allowing one to detect non-inertialness of the reference frame."
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