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Quantum computing in college

  1. Feb 5, 2016 #1
    Hello I have recently taken intrest in physics and mostly Quantum computing and i was wondering what is the best way of tackling that field . Is it to have a major in Computer Science and possibly a major/minor in physics? or to aim for colleges that have specific classes of quantum computation?
    Please know what you're talking about and not just throwing some ideas around..please
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    Are you interested in developing the theory of quantum computing or actually trying to build them?
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    im intrested in the engineering part of it more rather than its theoratical part
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    To work on quantum computing you would need a PhD in physics. It is still mainly an academic subject where nearly all experiments are done at universities or research institutes. The "engineering" part of it is still really experimental physics.
    I do know some people who work in the field who are probably more electrical engineers than physicists (they design control electronics etc so spend most of their time using CADENCE and similar software), but they still have PhDs in either physics or microelectronics.
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