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Quantum Computing

  1. Jan 1, 2008 #1

    My school offers this new course called Quantum Computing - it's offered by the Math Department.

    Can somebody please explain to me what Quantum Computing is? What kind of math would be involved in this course? Number Thoery? Algebra? Etc..
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    Quantum computing uses the physics of quantum mechanics to perform calculations. You might check Wikipedia for a summary.

    The math of quantum mechanics is predominantly linear algebra. Depending on the focus and applications explored, there may likely be an emphasis on group theory as well.

    Of course, the best answer to any of these questions is the instructor themself. Only they can tell you what their course will cover.
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    If coming from the math department, it'll probably be based mostly on the mathematics and less "physics" of it.
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    If it's an introductory course in the math department, there should probably be a lot of computer science too; Turing machines, computability theorems, etc. in which case there will be a lot of logic and proof.
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    I would have never guessed that you had an interest in quantum computing, qualgorithm!:rolleyes::biggrin:
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