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Quantum Correlations with no Causal Order

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    Hi there, I am a sort of a fan of the Tyme Symmetric Interpretation of QM and related and I saw this article that seems pretty interesting so I wanted to share it with you:


    I tend to think that there is no fundamental Causality in micro world and that it emerges in some yet unkown way, so Im always interested in everything that sounds like this. Any thought, opinion, idea of a more experienced voice in these topics will be very welcomed.

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    there is causality but not chronology.

    The paradigm of kinematics and dynamics must yield to causal structure
    Robert W. Spekkens
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    I was quite interested by the physorg article about this as well. I'm about to give the paper a try but considering my current capabilities with this stuff I doubt I'd be able to add much anyway. Anyone else have comments though (Or helpful summary/interpretation)?

    Quantum correlations with no causal order
    Ognyan Oreshkov, Fabio Costa, Caslav Brukner
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