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Quantum dots! Need help in analysis!

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    Quantum dots! Need help in analysis! :D

    hey guys,

    so long story short is that I've created gold quantum dots for my uni dissertation. These particles are formed with a protein mesh and been made to not to react with any elements as it's meant to be for human use. These gold quantum dots are being created to be used instead of organic dyes, since they are not prone to photobleaching! Therefore far superior to their counterparts. Further to this they are not toxic. The point of this is to highlight specific parts of the cell for further analysis. Obviously, there are many other uses for them such as quantum dot display, cancer treatment etc. At the moment, I have created single wavelength gold quantum dots with a single electron however if I were to create new gold quantum dots with more electrons, how would this be more advantageous over their single electron counterparts? Would having more electrons therefore mean more discrete energy levels? And therefore can PL at more values of lambda?

    Thanks in advance :)
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    O if you have any question or interested in quantum dots, I will gladly run you through what I've done! Since it's a relatively new tech. I'm actually in the process of perfecting how to make multi wavelength gold quantum dots atm, my previous two attempts have failed due to the 11-MUA not dissolving in ultra pure water (I think).
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    Maybe you could make small lasers.

    If this is your research area, shouldn't you already know all of the answers?
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    lol I wish I knew all the answers.... Would make life so much easier! I guess that's the beauty of physics - unlimited knowledge to be acquired
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