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Quantum Entanglement and Moviment

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    A friend of mine, which is not a physicist , told me in a physics class that the moviment could be an illusion, and only time could be real, due to the 'quantum entanglement' experiment, do you guys know what did he mean by that?
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    You should have told him that time is also an illusion due to "simultaneity" experiment. Better ask him first what he ment.
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    No, actually he was saying about distance..

    he said "maybe distance is an illusion, and only time is real"
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    I think he may be a bit confused with physics and philosophy.

    In physics distance is what rulers measure, time is what clocks measure. They are primitives of physical theories requiring no further explanation. Although some people like to conjecture - especially philosophers. There may even be some theories around that explain such in a deeper way, but I am not aware of them.

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