Quantum Field Theory and Electrcity

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How work AC/DC current in Quantum Field Theory

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How work AC/DC current in Quantum Field Theory
As with your other thread, the answer to this question is going to start with a very thick book, not a post in an internet forum. (For an example of the sort of book we're talking about, try https://web.physics.ucsb.edu/~mark/ms-qft-DRAFT.pdf - and that's just to get started).

However, when you're talking about AC/DC current, you're working with very large numbers of particles at fairly modest energy levels, and under those circumstances all the math of QFT ends up giving you the same final results as ordinary circuit theory, the stuff you learn in high school or your first year or so of college. Thus, no one actually spends years and thousands of pages doing the full QFT treatment of electrical currents - it just gets in the way of understanding.

This is basically the same answer as for your previous question on triboelectricity, and it is the same answer you will get for any other question about how QFT relates to large-scale electrical phenomena, anything that involves currents, potential, or more than a very few particles. We have to ask you not to post more such questions, because the answer won't change.

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