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Quantum Gravity

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    I have a theory about gravity and my question to the administrators is if I am allowed to share it here or where should I go to do so? It's not a complex theory and all the concepts and explanations are in English and intuitive mental images which I'll attempt to put in your head. I will share a little of my theory at a time so that I can break the questions for a clearer understanding and hopefully enough so that you can predict other parts of the theory I haven't shared yet.

    The theory covers pretty much every area I can think of, from the big bang, behavior of black holes, identifying the uncertainty principle and Hubble's constant. The relation between EM and gravity and more.
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    I am not an administator but I will reply anyway, just casually and informally. Probably a moderator or other staff person will give a more official response later. The community here, or the board management acting on our behalf, or something like that, had a problem:

    the problem was we were getting swamped with private QG theories which we didnt have the time and resources to evaluate and deal with in the open forum setting.

    so a distinction was made, which has never been applied with 100 percent rigor, and which admittedly has an arbitrary aspect, between
    PROFESSIONALLY RESEARCHED approaches to extending and unifying the prevailing models of matter and spacetime....and the approaches that are NOT professionally researched. I agree with this. Practically speaking it is about the best you can do and get the system to work.

    If you haven't spent a substantial part of your life on the professional physics research ladder (grad student, postdoc, research staff, faculty etc) then if you invent a theory you probably have to post it elsewhere.

    One possible venue for posting theory and research that doesnt qualify as professional output is the Independent Research section here at PF

    I never visited there, so don't know anything about it. (I am more interested in watching the professional research scene, of stuff that is currently being published in professional journals and has lots of people working on it---lot of exciting progress these days, every month something new.)

    Besides the PF "Independent Research" venue there PROBABLY ARE OTHER BOARDS where you can just go and post your ideas and explain them to people, if anybody happens to show interest.
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    Honestly, I quit school at grade 9 and my resources of learning physics come from books from Greene, Hawking, Einstein and other popular mainstream physics books. I also bought a few text books to get a clearer understanding of quantum mechanics and other theories. I read trusted online resources and of course been observing PF for awhile. I don't consider myself a person who just read a book and decided to tackle quantum gravity. I didn't even think of gravity until years after trying to make more sense of the Big Bang. Gravity just so happened to come with my Big Bang theory.

    I'm not sure that your meaning of substantial amount of time will fall into the time I spent, but I'll explain the time I have put into this theory. I've been tackling physics for about 7 years on my own with an average of 6-12 hours a day. Every night before I sleep I made sure to room was pitch black and then I mentally visualized the universe from the Big Bang to the end and where ever my mind got stuck I worked on that part until it made sense. I am no Einstein but I do have a vivid imagination when it comes to physics. Personally I believe this is no crack pot theory because when my theory was near completion I accidentally identified what exactly the uncertainty principle is. Which I never put much thought into because I could never intuitively understand the uncertainty principle.
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    Did you do any math in your theory or did you just think of it?
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    The purpose of posting my theory in PF is for those who are interested in tackling the math. I can only provide the concepts and ideas and can not provide the math. But of course this is probably no place to share it so I must refrain from doing so.

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