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Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity

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    I saw that if you combine the quantum mechanics theory whit the general relativity you remain whitout time. So the time can be an ilusion, but i don't belive that . What you think about it ?
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums, Zerko!

    There is no generally accepted theory which combines these two theories. There are a number of "promising" ideas being kicked around, but I would not say that time disappears in these. Is there a specific version you have questions about?

    If you saw it on TV, frequently they use language to describe the quantum world which tends to be a little bit sensational. I would recommend you read up some more to gain insight, there are some good books out there!
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    In canonical quantum gravity (which is a wide class of various approaches to quantum gravity), the wave function does not depend on time. So if the wave function is all what exists, then nothing depends on time. Or more precisely, nothing depends on a FUNDAMENTAL parameter of time. Yet clocks exist, so EMERGENT time still can be explained with such theories.
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