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Homework Help: Quantum Optics help - Single photons

  1. Jan 11, 2012 #1
    Hi. Was wondering if anyone could recommend some good introductory quantum optics textbooks? I have a good grounding in quantum mechanics, but have never looked at quantum optics.

    Basically my problem is that I am doing my project work in this field(to start in a couple of months) and have been told to explore further in the general direction of the theory of single photons(and related topics). The field just seems so broad I'm having trouble focusing my efforts. Are there any particular sequences of topics I should cover at a minimum in order to reasonably understand this sub-field? I have between 1-2 months in order to come to grips with it, and pick a final direction for the dissertation. Any help appreciated!
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    Hey cool thanks, fortunately my uni has e-book access to it, looks pretty good too. Will definately give it a read.
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