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Quantum physics doesen't say that our thoughts manifest in reality

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    I just wanted a conformation of this sorry but I have bad ocd. If I could have some sci advisors help with this id really appreciate it.
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    Quantum mechanics does not say that "our thoughts manifest in reality". However, it's not altogether clear what you mean by that, so if you could point at the source where you heard that, we might ne better able to comment.

    (And if you mean the notion that things aren;t real until they've been observed by a coinscious observer... No, QM does not say that either).
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    just some newage bullox I came across that wants to bastardize a poorly understood science

    QM doesent say that our thoughts become real or have anything to do with counsciousness right?
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    There is one interpretation that allows for conscious observers to choose the outcome of a superposed state, upon "collapse of the wave function". This interpretation, however, has limited support.
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    Define "thoughts".
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    I suspect, in all honesty, this thread is somehow related to this post: https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=4668866&postcount=8

    I would seek help if you're concerned your thoughts are having an impact on this world. It seems you are afraid your thoughts (which I suspect aren't good) are going to manifest in this world. That isn't a good way to be.
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    like if Im afraid of spiders,

    obsessivley thinking about spiders isnt going to magicley bring more spiders into my life and QM doesnt say that it will,

    Im just trying to beat my ocd thinking fears,

    I have a sphyciatrist so dont reccomend one but I was just hoping I would find some help from people educated in the matter instead of reading shock pop sci mags
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    I think it might help you to recognize that laws of physics are ways that we try to understand the world we experience, but that necessitates the fact that the laws of physics must give rise to the world we experience or they have failed us as laws. That means we cannot suddenly discover that our thoughts control our world, simply because quantum mechanics somehow claims that is true, when in fact the world we are trying to use quantum mechanics to understand clearly does not have that property in the first place (it is considered delusional thinking to imagine that your thoughts will manifest themselves into objective reality). Formally, this is called the "correspondence principle", which means that, no matter how amazing or subtle we find the laws of physics to be at some deeper or more fundamental level, they still have to give rise to experiences that connect with the way we actually do experience the world to be. That means if quantum mechanics would somehow suggest the world is contrary to how we experience it, then quantum mechanics would have to be wrong. Since quantum mechanics does not say that our thoughts can be manifested into objective reality, we do not regard quantum mechanics as wrong-- and that is very much the correct direction to apply scientific logic. What it means for you is that what you have experienced to be true about your world is not going to change because you have developed the ability to calculate the energy levels of the hydrogen atom, which hopefully you will find reassuring.
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    And that seems to be a good place to close this thread.
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