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Quantum Teleportation of 3D objects

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    Multivese Travel.
    Is the theory traveling between Multiverses by striping us into electrons then transmiting them through worm holes then reconstructing them on the other side
    like a fax!

    Is it possible?
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    This is not quantum teleportation. It has also nothing to do with multiverses. This is just a regular space travel, if wormholes really do exist.

    But quantum teleportation of 3d objects is an interesting topic itself. Usually, we have only the access to the external layers of any object. We would have to "melt" the object, removing its layers and scanning them repeatedely. Then we would have to reconstruct the object layer by layer, like 3d printer.
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    No, that is not possible.

    Have you probably seen somewhen a TV program about surgeons spending several hours to attach cut finger. So now split yourself into 1027 individual atoms. Good luck finding surgeon able to reconstruct you back from that many pieces.
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    it is quantum teleportation of 3d objects
    because you need a quantum computer to strip an object in to electrons.
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    This is really nonsense, I'm afraid. It doesn't sound like you have much background here. You might want to start reading up on what Quantum Teleportation really us.
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    Before 3D quantum teleportation we'll see teleportation by 3D printing.
    Somewhere in Europe scientists have already built a model plane by 3D printing
    that actually flew.
    Note, teleportation by 3D printing is really creating a replica of the original, so it is not
    teleportion in true sense, in which the 'original' vanishes.
    I do not see why it would not be possible in the distant future to make a 3D printing of
    a human body, cloning/teleportation will take new names.
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    That strikes me as so wildly optimistic as to be WAY overly speculative. To add to that, even if it WERE to become possible, I'm pretty confident that it would just transfer the meat, not the contents of the brain.
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    Remember that scene in The Fly? I think Fido got fried.

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