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Quantum Tunneling math and Schrodinger's Equation

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    I'm doing a research project for my high school physics class. I originally set out to research touch screens but was disappointed with how simple the mechanics of the iphone are (or at least the basic physics of it). I continued researching and found that soon Quantum Tunneling may be used in touch screens for a pressure-sensitive touch. However, I need to have some type of math tying into my project, and I know nothing of Quantum Tunneling Composite.

    I found out about the spiky balls and how the current overcomes the barrier easily as they are pushed closer together reducing the width of the barrier, so I feel I have a basic grasp on things, but I need to somehow use math with it. So I found the Schrodinger Equation...Can anyone help me with learning enough background so that I can understand the Schrodinger Equation and use it to find the probability that the current or an electron will overcome the barrier in a Quantum Tunneling Composite .... and is it possible to even do this? If anyone has any other ideas for using math in my project im all ears.

    Thanks in advance! :)
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