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Quantum Tunnel Macro-Scale Structure Disassembly

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    I have done my research and understand why quantum tunneling happens and I fully understand that there is no point at which the particle examined ever actually intersects with the barrier. The only part at which my knowledge feels fuzzy is at the mathematic equations. If a large object, such as a baseball, were to pass through a barrier via quantum tunneling, no matter the probability of this event occurring, would it keep its structure as a complete ball on the other side, or does it come out the other side as a microscopic pile of dust?
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    https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/you-will-not-tunnel-through-a-wall.765716/ [Broken] has some discussion.

    The probability of all the particles in the baseball tunneling through the barrier is unimaginably small. If unimaginable-to-the-power-of-unimaginable were a number, that's how much smaller is the probability that the particles reassemble themselves into any configuration of matter, so even hoping for a pile of dust is way too ambitious.
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