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  1. N

    I Is it possible to explain Quantum tunneling with the HUP?

    I'm a student in South Korea(It is my first English question ever). I found descriptions of quantum tunneling explained by the uncertainty principle in Korea. There are two kinds of descriptions to explain quantum tunneling; position-momentum and time-energy uncertainty principle. First...
  2. mgkii

    B Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

    I've been reading into - and watching videos on - FTIR as an explanation of Quantum Tunnelling. The articles and videos I've watched switch between classical and quantum systems so frequently its left me with a question I can't find an answer to - the texts that seem like they might answer it...
  3. YoungPhysicist

    B White dwarf quantum tunnelling

    I just finished watching the video "The Last Light Before Eternal Darkness – White Dwarfs & Black Dwarfs" At 5:17 he mentioned quantum tunneling will take up a timespan so long that calling it forever is ok. But nothing takes forever,so,how long will it actually take? ps:I later realized...
  4. A

    I Particle in a potential well

    Let's suppose I have a potential well: $$ V(x)= \begin{cases} \infty,\quad x<0\\ -V_0,\quad 0<x<R\\ \frac{\hbar^2g^2}{2mx^2},\quad x\geq R \end{cases} $$ If ##E=\frac{\hbar^2k^2}{2m}## and ##g>>1##, how can I calculate how much time a particle of mass ##m## and energy ##E## will stay inside...
  5. SameerTahir

    I Source of energy for quantum tunneling of a particle

    If a micro-particle tunnel through a barrier which has higher potential energy than the energy of the particle, then from where does the particle get the energy to cross that barrier?
  6. E

    Probability of penetrating a potential barrier

    Homework Statement The probability for a particle of energy E<<V0 to penetrate a potential barrier of height V0 and width d is approximately \frac{16E}{V_0}exp\left[\frac{-2d\sqrt{2m(V_0-E)}}{\hbar}\right]. An electron moves between two potential barriers of height V0 and 2v0 that are of widths...
  7. SameerTahir

    I Concepts to understand Quantum Tunneling

    What concepts should be cleared to better understand quantum tunneling?.
  8. Scott_10438

    Equation for plasma wave/light speed travel?

    Hi guys I'm finishing up some promo art for my original comic book. You're seein it here first. But its missing something- an appropriate equation. I would like to integrate a math equation into the art. Im attempting to depict FTL travel, using qualities similar to an LWFA, the plasma being...
  9. A

    I Quantum "tunneling" of sorts and QFT...

    Hi all, Another naive question related a previous post (where the topic diverged somewhat). I'm wondering about the following thought experiment: Consider the field associated with a single electron. Now, confine the field to a region (volume) of radius R - that is, field values outside of R...
  10. G

    Odd Well / Quantum Tunneling

    Homework Statement An electron with a total energy of Eo = 4.4 eV is in the potential well shown above. 1) Find the ratio of the wavelength in Region III to the wavelength in Region I. λ III / λI = 1.77 2) Given that the wave function of the electron vanishes at the left boundary of...
  11. R

    I How does nucleation work in cosmology?

    In this article it says that "In the theoretical physics of the false vacuum, the system moves to a lower energy state – either the true vacuum, or another, lower energy vacuum – through a process known as bubble nucleation." What is...
  12. R

    I How does Nucleation work? Relationship with vacuums?

    What is nucleation and how it works? In cosmology, which is the relationship that nucleation have with quantum tunneling, vacuums and Big Bang?
  13. R

    B Exactly how quantum tunneling leads to a Big Bang?

    In wikipedia says that in a big amount of time quantum tunneling can create a new Big Bang. EXACTLY, how this happens. ("Beyond" part) *note: I'm in high school, but feel free to explain this with complicate process.
  14. Ranku

    I Electroweak symmetry breaking and quantum tunneling.

    Does electroweak symmetry breaking involve quantum tunneling?
  15. Ranku

    I Quantum tunneling in symmetry breaking

    Does electroweak symmetry breaking involve quantum tunneling, just like GUT symmetry breaking?
  16. N

    I Problem of quantum tunneling and Many Worlds interpretation?

    On wikipedia it says that MWI doesn't explain quantum tunneling well. "A tunnelling particle would have more energy than what is actually measured in experiments." What do you guys think?
  17. C

    I Are we in a simulation and quantum tunneling?

    Preface: As I understand it, according to quantum mechanics, there is a very good probability that I am sitting right in my chair right now, typing this question out. However, there is a non-zero, ever so small probability, however infinitesimally small chance that I am somewhere else in the...
  18. durant35

    I Quantum tunneling questions

    Hello guys, I have few questions about the well-known quantum tunneling. I'll start off with the animation from wikipedia So question #1 why doesn't the barrier collapse the wave function, is that even possible? What's the difference between the barrier and the measurement screen in double...
  19. Alan Ezra

    I The barrier length in quantum tunneling

    Hi, In transmission coefficient T= exp(-2sqrt(2m(U-E)/hbar^2)L), L, as I interpret it, is the distance of the potential barrier. I am wondering if I have N particles all with kinetic energy E, approaching the barrier, can I integrate the transmission coefficient over a distance from infinity to...
  20. goat-on-a-stick

    How can quantum tunneling create Big Bang after heat death?

    Wikipedia states that, after he heat death of the universe: "Random quantum fluctuations or quantum tunneling can produce another Big Bang in years." How would this work?
  21. I

    Quantum Tunneling from Bent Circular Wire

    Homework Statement The electron enters a straight pipe of circular cross section (radius r). The tube is bent at a radius R≫r by the angle α and then is aligned back again. Find the probability that the electron will jump out Homework Equations Tunneling probability in WKB approximation. The...
  22. skulliam4

    Quantum Tunnel Macro-Scale Structure Disassembly

    I have done my research and understand why quantum tunneling happens and I fully understand that there is no point at which the particle examined ever actually intersects with the barrier. The only part at which my knowledge feels fuzzy is at the mathematic equations. If a large object, such as...
  23. A

    Quantum Tunneling

    Homework Statement What is the approximate transmission probability (in %) of an electron with total energy 1.524 eV through a barrier of thickness 343 pm, and a potential height of 2.654 eV? (Does it matter what the potential energy is before and after the barrier? Not really, as long as it is...
  24. H

    Detecting Gravity Waves

    Just watched Intersteller and my mind started running wild with all sort of fun thoughts. So I'm not sure how serious of a questions this is, but I got to thinking if it's possible to use gravity waves as a form of communication. And in turn, started wondering how said waves could be detected...
  25. 2

    How can metastable isotopes exist?

    I thought I would ask this question in the quantum mechanics section as I presume it has something to do with QM, like the reason why alpha and beta decay do not happen immediately but instead there is a half life for this decay. My understanding is that with alpha decay, the strong nuclear...
  26. T

    Light and quantum tunneling

    Could a photon utilize quantum tunneling to escape the threshold of a black hole or the confines of the curvature of space-time? Could any particle for that matter?