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Quasar is a huge source of energy

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    I know that the quasar is a huge source of energy, it can produce energy and light more that glaxies do ; so the question is how that can be possible and the quasar is a super massive Black hole which absorb every thing even Light couldn't escape ?! My Friend tell me when the Black Hole is Full of Matter and energy and it can't absorb any more, he start to produce energy , But I heard in a documentary that Black hole's Curvature of spacetime is infinity and I understand that the black hole can't be Full !
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    Your friend is way off. You're correct in that a black hole "can't be full" it just gets "hungrier" when fed.

    The energy of the quasar comes from the matter before it falls into the black hole. Being drawn close to the hole it gets drawn into a smaller volume, much smaller, and heats up beyond white hot (actually x-ray hot). The emission of the quasar is this heat being radiated away. You can read about the details as predicted by the physics in lots of online sources at various levels of technical detail. Simply search QUASAR or "accretion disk".

    A final note, the energy output of Quasars is now understood to be less than we originally thought given better understanding of the process details. The typical model is of the infalling matter in an orbital accretion disk with magnetic effects and the disk itself directing the energy out along the axis rather than in all directions. Thus the power output calculated by the brightness we see at this distance no longer assumes the same brightness in all directions. It is still huge beyond imagining relative to scales with which we are familiar.
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    Thank You Very Much !!! :biggrin:
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