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Question about black holes and white dwarf

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    i want to ask aquestion
    what is the biggest qatar:
    black hole or white dwarf or nutron star or the sun
    please i want to know the biggest one and then and then and the smallest one
    thaaaank you very much
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    Well the word "qatar" doesn't make any sense, but it is clear what you are asking.

    The sun is about 100 times as big (in diameter) as earth

    A white dwarf is roughly the same size as the earth, depending on its mass.

    A neutron star is about the size of a city, 10-15 km in radius.

    A black hole can be any size, depending upon its mass.
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    I'm guessing he means either quark-star, or quasar.

    Hager Mahdy, if you did mean Quasar, they are believed to be the active nuclei of distant galaxies, and therefore are black holes. If you meant Quark-Star (possibly a step between Neutron Star and Black Hole) then no one knows, but it would be more compact than the former, and less so than a black hole.

    Remember that a black hole is best defined by its event horizon, which is purely a function of its mass, as Nicksauce said. They seem to get quite massive, especially AGNs.
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    thank you very much and iam sorry but i mean diameter
    thaank you
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