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Question about Calculus 1 in university.

  1. Dec 17, 2013 #1
    My question is what does Calculus 1 consist of in college (community college which is not that proof heavy).

    I have the Morris Kline book which I am self learning from and so far so good. I finally understood
    how vectors work in reference to an object m sliding down a slope which is frictionless.

    I also have Calculus by Swokowski which a few people recommended on this forum.

    Is the Morris Kline: An Intuitive Approach to Calculus solely for Calculus 1? Or does it cover up to
    Calculus 3 because I saw rotation of axis and vectors midway through the book.

    My community college LACC uses Stewart for their Calculus series. Is Swokowski Calculus alot better then Stewart or are they both easy books that do not have meat and potatoes?

    I want to be a mathematician so I will learn from Spivak and Apostol after my college calculus class.

    Also, what books at my math level are great for learning how to proof. and if it would be beneficial for me take some logic classes if it will help with my critical thinking for math.


    Ps. Any great books for trig? I have the Cohen(Trig, Pre-Cal book) and Sullivans (Trig).
    Cohen Trig book is lacking in the vector area and the application side, but his explanations are readable. Sullivan covers vectors includding the Dot, Cross, Area of Parralelogram, and XYZ plane. Yet, Sullivans excercises are a bit easy.

    Any trig book which are challenging?

    I also want to relearn geometry. Is Keselev Planetary any good? Or should I get the Lang book.

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  3. Dec 17, 2013 #2
    To be blunt, Stewart Calculus is bad, at least that is the general feeling I get from people I know who have used it. It looks like Morris Klien's book goes up to Calculus 3.
  4. Dec 17, 2013 #3
    We unfortunately used Stewart for calc I-III. I also liked Kline so I ended up just using that instead. I would usually read the corresponding chapters from both books though. The chapters are a bit out of order but you can find everything in there.
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