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Question about forum guidelines

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    I just reported a post for no attempt at any work and no template.


    Orodruin's response to the post was then "Please show us what you have attempted. This is mandatory in the PF homework forums."

    Now, I have absolutely no problem w/ that response. It's perfectly reasonable and what we want and I be happy to do exactly that myself when I see a post with no attempt at any work and no template, but I'm trying to follow the forum guidelines as I understand them and report such posts rather than respond to them.

    Personally, I would rather just make the post that Orodruin made and be done with it, so it that's OK, please let me know and I'll stop reporting such posts and save the mods the time of bothering w/ that response.
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    So let me explain my reasoning here: This user had made this post before, but in the wrong forum. Thus, this is a repost that has already been deleted and the user notified. Rather than having this new user post the same message a third time, I therefore found it more appropriate to keep the thread but make it clear that it is not appropriate. Apart from this I may or may not have issued an additional warning (I prefer to not discuss individual disciplinary actions in the open forums). Now, clearly it is impossible for you to see all of this without the moderation tools and I think your report was perfectly appropriate. Please continue reporting, your reports are usually very sound and much appreciated.

    Also, feel free to tag me in posts like this one. It is the fastest way to get my attention.
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    Ah, that makes good sense. Thanks.
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