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Question About Gravitational Time Dilation

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    According To Einstein's Relativity. Supposing a Man Went To Another Planet That Has a Gravity More Than Earth Hundreds Of Time Which Means That Time Is Too Slower There Than Earth.
    If We Say That 1 Hour In That Planet Is 10 Years On Earth And He Stayed 2 Hours There Will He Comeback To Earth Looking 20 Years Younger Than Other People Who Were at The Same Age When He Left ?
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    Yes, he will come back as a thin red paste that is 20 years younger than the human that left (this does not count travel time).

    By the way, please stop capitalizing every word. It's annoying.
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    Thanks for the answer. And sorry about the capitalizin of words it has become a habit for me ;) :wink:
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    This thread went off topic for a while and has been cleaned up.
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