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Question about posting rules and restrictions

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    Is it against the rules to post in the general discussion about anything illegal? And if it is so, what about activities that are illegal in some places and legal in most others? Would Gambling be an restricted topic discussion, or buying liquor on Sunday, etc.
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    Generally if it's a crime in the US, it's not allowed. Things that are illegal in some states, and not in others, I would say you are probably safe (if you're really not sure, check with a mentor, either pm them, or make the post and report it yourself, put your question in the report). Note that this applies to discussions about committing illegal acts, or encouraging others to do so, and not discussions about crimes in the news, or similar (which are allowed).
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    The global guidelines can be found here:


    They can always be acessed from any PF page via the menu bar at the top of the page through the link labelled "Rules".
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    Also it's just common sense not to discuss or encourage getting drunk, or experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs, etc... on this Forum. We encourage young students to come here and wouldn't want to get blocked.

    There are many places where you can talk about how great you think getting stoned is, this is not one of them.
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