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Question about supernova kinetic energy

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    A9: Supernova Remnants
    Consider a supernova explosion in the outer 4M⊙ of a dying star, ejected at a speed of 5000 km/s.
    a ◮ What is the kinetic energy of the expanding ejecta?
    b ◮ The ejecta are slowed by sweeping up the local interstellar gas. Assuming the density of the interstellar gas
    is ig = 2 × 10−19 kg/m3, how large a volume will be swept up by the time the outflow velocity has decreased
    to 10 km/s? HINT: Assume the KE of the expansion is conserved.
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    Part a I used virial theorem for kinetic energy 3mv^2 and for part b I used mass= density / volume but am confused with swept volume
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    Virial theorem is only useful on large scales, for a region near a supernova event you still need to use kinematical models.
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