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Question about the Double Slit Experiment

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    It maybe the lateness of the hour, but I've just had another one of those awkward thoughts that only people who know more than I do can provide an answer for (I'm compelled to edit quickly and note that by this I mean that noone I know's going to have a clue, not that I'm somehow an authority on the subject... you'll probably figure that out for yourselves).

    Anyway. Why doesn't the interference pattern, or perhaps more accurately, the evidence of an electron collision appear everywhere in the room the experiment is being conducted in? On the backside of the slit, on the front. On the walls. And so on... Would it?
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    it (single particle interference) does happen all over, its just not being tracked...

    an (elaborate) setup is needed to track....from source to detection point....while at the same time ensuring no interference from other sources....

    if that's what you are asking
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    yeah, I'm reffering to the point in the experiment where individual electrons are being fired through the slits, but before the slits are monitored.
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    before the slits...its a single "wave"....after the slits...the wave splits into two and then they interfere....as per some of the interpretations/hypothesis....
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