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Question regarding digits in base 2

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    Suppose we have a decimal string in base 2 (ex: 0.10111000...) then are there any of these that equal the same number in [0, 1]? I was never formally introduced to anything like this, yet I'm being asked questions involving base 2, base 3, etc. If someone could answer this, it would help me solve a problem involving such a fact.
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    Perhaps, you want to know how to change base from 2 to decimal?

    http://mathbits.com/mathbits/compsci/Introduction/frombase10.htm [Broken]


    From that, can you conclude whether they can be same??
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    Just as, in base 10, 0.9999...= 1 so, in base 2, 0.11111...= 1.

    Similarly, in base 10, 0.49999...= 0.5 and, in base 2, 0.0111...= 0.1 and so forth.
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