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Question regarding the definition of the complex fourier series

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    Why is the complex fourier series expanded from [tex]+\infty[/tex] to [tex]-\infty[/tex].

    Yet the regular fourier series from 0 to [tex]+\infty[/tex]?
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    einx= cos(nx)+ i sin(nx). cos(x) is an even function while sin(x) is an odd function: cos(-nx)= cos(nx), sin(-nx)= -sin(nx). Negative values of n are alread "incorporated" into the coefficients. ei(-n)x= cos(-nx)+ isin(-nx)= cos(nx)- i sin(nx) so changing n for -n in the complex exponential gives the complex conjugate.
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    Ah i see that explans the difference of a factor of two between the regular coefficients and complex coefficients...

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